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Avera, the health ministry of the Benedictine and Presentation Sisters, is an integrated health system providing care at more than 300 locations in eastern South Dakota and surrounding states. Avera is nationally recognized for Avera eCARE, a telehealth model that istransforming care delivery by leveraging expert staff and innovative technologies to deliver better health care at the local level, keepingpatients close to home. Avera eCARE uses interactive video and technology to create a "virtual hospital" that reaches across sixteenstates within the United States. Our innovative system has impacted more than 1,450,000 patients and saved an estimated $190million in health care costs, while also improving patient satisfaction and quality outcomes, and physician retention. With nearly 25years and 400 participating facilities, Avera eCARE is one of the largest and most experienced telemedicine providers in the United States.

Tood Falkenstein - eCare Operations Officer - 605-322-9201 -
Shiann Shipp - Analyst - 605-261-1389 -

Relationship began in 2015 with the development of AveraTrax. The initial project began with Todd Falkenstein and Andrea Darr working with the Anteil team. The project was to develop out an order management tool for remote pharmacy services.
The initial challenge was to develop a proprietary order management system built around our current workflow. The current software solution was rigid, and didn't allow for much growth of services. The team was looking for a solution where the group had the freedom to develop their own forms and adjust workflows easily.
Tremendous impact. The solution allows us to dissolve an established relationship with a competitor to utilize their software, improved our efficiencies and productivity, and created another product offering for us. The issue made it nearly impossible to implement new service offerings and track operations with any efficiency.
Anteil developed a robust order management system that is still in use.

Anteil made it possible for the team to implement new workflows realtime. In typical development projects, training is the easiest part of the process after requirements gathering, development, QA, ect. With this tool, the team is able to make the necessary changes and the training of employees is the most time consuming and challenging part!
This project included the design and development of an open frame architecture - which will allow the service line design control over data capture fields and worksflows, as well as controls over eventual workflow logic and automation. Over 90% of the fields in the tool are fully customizable as well as how they are grouped together to form templates. The system will take communication from email, fax, and SMS. The system will fax out communications to the customer location. The development team at Anteil has proven to be systematic, supportive, and extremely reponsive to providing system updates and ehancements over this week. They have made at least a dozen small hotfixes to the system in the past week as well as performed a half a dozen fixes which have required LESS THAN 2 minutes of downtime during any of the updates.
The solution met all requirements and needs from an initial roll out, and has met all needs of enhancements for the future. We feel that this is a system we will continue to grow our business with. A Request for Proposal (RFP) was completed and several development companies were invited to respond. We reviewed those proposals from the following points of commitment: Clincial, Improved Efficiency of Workflows, Software/User documentation, Relationship, Vendor Capability.
Anteil's team with internal subject matter experts.
Having ownership through licensing or code, the software products have allowed us to maximuize efficiencies, streamline vendor relationships, and reduce cost. Avera eCARE was looking for a software solution that would be used by their Senior Care service line to provide access to high quality appropriate care. The tool should reduce time spent in non-clinical activities, and provide timely responses to changes in patient health conditions to improve patient outcomes, reduce costs to CMMI, and customer facility, and the patient, and will improve overall customer quality. The primary functions of the information system should be to: **Capture relevant patient health information, **Streamline the communication of changes in patient health conditions, and **Assist with time management of appropriate care including (triage, risk stratification, and periodic follow up).
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